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Best Usenet Client Search Engine

Many things in the world of Usenet search have been changing, with some of the most popular Usenet search indexing sites being shut down while newer smaller operations are cropping up everyday – Make sure you stay tuned for our up and coming NZB search site list reviews. With so many different choices to choose from, how do you know which ones are the best…Well that’s what we are here for :-) Our friends over at UsenetReviez have just given the Best Usenet Client Search Award to the Newshosting Usenet Browser and Newsbin Pro and we couldn’t agree more.


Newshosting Usenet Browser

Give the Newshosting Browser a go and you will very quickly realize that this client gives one of the fastest, easiest and smoothest search experiences around. Newshosting’s integrated search comes with 2 options; 1) You can search using Newshosting’s own index of goodies (Default) or 2) You can search an NZB using BinSearch.info. Newshosting’s integrated search is very flexible and powerful, allowing you to search and sort by filename, file size, poster name and post date. It also has filters for different file types such as video, audio, iso images etc. The NH Browser also comes with a built in image preview, something they have dubbed the “Image Center.” With built in NZB creation and a download scheduler, this client will leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling :-) It’s our favorite client for new to experienced Usenet users.

Newsbin Pro

Newsbin Pro Newsreader

Power users eat your heart out – Newsbin Pro is where it’s at! Simply put, Newsbin Pro is one of the most advanced newsreaders that exists today, it was designed entirely with the power Usenet user in mind. With the latest version having been optimized for solid state drives and low RAM usage, Newsbin Pro is perfect for the raw browsing of newsgroups and combing through 1600+ days of headers. The search filtering options in NBP border on insane. NBP also has built in image preview with an optional image database that can be activated. There is a learning curve with Newsbin Pro, but once you have learned to master it, you can officially say you have used the best :-)

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