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Content Delivery Based Services Continue to Grow: Look at Apple’s iCloud and iTunes Services Now

Based on information contained in Apple’s quarterly earnings report yesterday, content delivery providers everywhere should be very exited about the future of cloud services and content delivery. Apple posted some surprising numbers when asked about their cloud services, not being Apple’s strong suit in the past. Based on the rate of consumption and user growth in Apple’s iCloud, iTunes and App Store services, the need for high speed content delivery shows no signs of slowing down. Apple’s iCloud user accounts grew 30% since the beginning of this year, now at a whopping 320 million users and climbing. iTunes is also making monster size sums of cash bringing in $3.99 billion this quarter alone. iTunes has become so large, that it may soon over take Apple’s Mac product line which generated a not to distant $4.89 billion. Apple’s App Store is also making waves with some 900,000 apps that have generated app developers a total of $11 billion dollars over the last 5 years.

If these numbers prove one thing, it is that people want their content and they are willing to pay for it, should it become available. The movie and television industries could learn much from Apple’s example by simply making content available to all users, anywhere, all the time. Perhaps once intellectual property licensing laws become more flexible, the Usenet could become the content delivery network of choice. The Usenet is after all the largest store of user generated content on the web.

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