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Download Usenet Content with An Android Device


Today, everyone has a smartphone, they have become almost an extended body part and as such, people are demanding more and more from their mobile devices, doing more and more on them each day. You can do everything from playing high-speed racing games, to checking the weather, to reading email and also downloading content from the Usenet. That’s right, we said it, download content from the Usenet :-) Thanks to apps like PowerNZB, you can now download and extract Usenet content directly to your Android device. The Usenet apps available for Android range anywhere from add-on companion apps for client side remote server management, where the Android app talks directly to a computer that downloads content from the Usenet, to fully featured NZB download clients that will search, download and extract Usenet content directly onto your mobile device making it ready for immediate playback. The best fully featured Usenet download app we have found so far is PowerNZB. Look for our official review later this week :-) The app is not free, but as you’ll see in our next review, it is well worth the few dollars it costs :-)


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