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Fast Usenet Search with Easynews

Did you know that using Easynews web based Usenet interface, you can really get the most out of Usenet by quickly and very easily search for user posts sorting by the kind of post you are looking for – it could be a video, an audio file, a picture or even an ISO image file. Using a really clean layout with big thumbnail previews and clear post descriptions, you can find what you want in a very short period of time. Easynews even gives you the option to create an NZB file from your search results if you would like to download the post using another Usenet client app. Easynews search interface is much like Google search in that it is a one click search. Easynews Global Search servers do also appear to be very fast returning your Usenet post results within one to two seconds. If you are just getting started with Usenet, Easynews would definitely be our recommendation as a go to provider for you. You can try Easynews anytime – Check out  this video that shows off Easynews’ Usenet searching chops:


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