Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Usenet and More..

Hailing Frequencies Open – Join the Conversation!

One of the great joys of the internet is the ability to very easily communicate and share thoughts, experiences and creations with others on a global scale. Are you burning to share your latest picasso with a wider audience who can appreciate your untapped talents and abilities? No problem – put a copy on Pintrest and Facebook and watch the comments and likes roll in :-) Today if you were to ask someone about social networks they would probably grab their phone and show you their favorite places to stop on FourSquare or show you thier latest tweets on twitter. These social networks, while great in their own right, still don’t come close to holding a candle to the incredible community that is the Usenet. The Usenet is the very first form of a social network on the internet – the Usenet has been thriving and growing at an amazing pace since the first server went online circa 1979. The most spectacular feature of the Usenet that makes it so unique and fasinating is that all of the messages and content on the Usenet is generated by its users. The Usenet is home to 100,000+ newsroups or topics where people of like minds can flourish. Have some thoughts that you would like to share on a particular topic? Guess what, chances are there is a newsgroup on the Usenet where people are discussing and exploring the exact same topic.

Joining a new community and sharing with others can be an amazing experience, you never know who you will meet or who might take an interest in you or your creations – Check out our video courses on the Usenet and join the conversation – if you can write on paper or produce it in digital form, you can share it with others on the Usenet. Learn Usenet and post until you can’t post no more, you will be glad you did :-)

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