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How to Choose the Best Usenet Provider

Usenet providers of today are much more sophisticated and offer a wider variety of  features at their server farms than their early university server Usenet counterparts. In the early days Usenet was confined to university servers and they only held a couple days worth of newsgroup articles. These days when choosing your Usenet provider, there are many factors and features to consider.


Although the level of article retention is quite high compared to the early years of Usenet, there are still some providers out there that offer different levels of retention. Retention refers to the amount of time that articles and content stay on the Usenet servers before they are deleted. Usenet retention today has reached 4 years and counting from the Usenet’s top providers. In general the lower a provider’s retention is, the lower their price for access will be.


One of the biggest selling points of the Usenet is its capacity for speed. Usenet providers also offer differing level of transfer speed to and from your computer based on your needs and price level. The very best Usenet providers can provide literally unlimited speed or as much as your individual internet connection can handle. Full speed can come in very handy when transferring large amounts of data.


In today’s internet world of public wifi hotspots and shared internet connections, one can never be to careful about security. In an effort to protect Usenet users data security and privacy, many of today’s best Usenet providers have adopted secure socket layer connections or SSL connections between their Usenet server farms and your computer. Using SSL to connect to the Usenet completely protects your privacy and your data transfers to and from the Usenet. The lower end cheaper providers of today may or may not offer SSL connectivity.


One of the last, but most important features to consider is the available bandwidth from each Usenet provider. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data you can transfer from the provider’s Usenet servers to your computer. Bandwidth offerings range from size limited block accounts to completely wide open unlimited accounts. Choosing an account with limited bandwidth can often save you some money, so choose carefully based on your transfer needs.

The best of the best Usenet providers offer all of the best of each of the Usenet features we just discussed. Your cream of the crop Usenet providers will have the industry’s highest retention rates (currently at 4 years and growing), completely secure connections, more transfer speed than you internet connection can handle and all the data you could possibly ever store on your hard drives. The provider that we think fits the bill and is the best of the best is Newshosting – they have been a favorite of ours for years now with no regrets. Check out our section on recommended providers to get you started.

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