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Mac NZB Downloader NZBVortex 2.9.1 Just Released

nzbvortex mac nzb clientAll of you Usenet loving Mac users might want to stand up and take notice, NZBVortex  version 2.9.1 has just been released. NZBVortex is one of our favorites and it is one of the tightest most efficient NZB downloaders around. The new version includes several new nifty features as well bug fixes. NZBVortex includes a free version with less functionality or you can get a full features license and get continuous updates.

Price: $20 | Download

Here are some of the new features added over the last two version

  • “Ask for Download Location” not working for Search and RSS
  • Support more obfuscated filename schemes
  • Nicely animated and striped Progressbar
  • Improve Speed graph – wider and fill color
  • Support new hashed NZB filename or in-NZB files
  • Binsearch support – result scraper
  • Add NZBX.co search engine
  • Ability to specify decompress password during enqueueing
  • Support more tv show number schemes
  • RSS feeds: Watch name in bold if updates available
  • Update Growl framework to 2.0.1
  • Improve incomplete nzb file detection
  • Support badly numbered HJSplit split sets
  • “Pause Junk” pauses too small or no start archive AND (new) also rar-in-rar and hint  files
  • Combine search results adds to top of queue
  • Whitelist IP for network API / WebUI
  • Quicker NZB parser
  • DirectNZB http headers for add NZB via URL
  • NetworkAPI: Ability to specify group during add of NZB
  • Improve password detection by distincting between real password or hinted files
  • Password detection on corrupted RAR not working

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