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New Usenet Search App for iOS – EZ Global Search Lite

EZ Global Search LiteMobile devices have been exploding on the scene for the last couple of years with apps and developers for just about everything, from note taking apps, to full featured video editing apps – Usenet is no exception. The folks from The Media Council have created a new free version of their Easynews Usenet search app, EZ Global Search Lite. EZ Global Search Lite offers a free option for users looking to download and explore Usenet content on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The lite version of the full featured EZ Global Search, contains most of the features of the full version.

They have also upgraded the full version by adding the ability to search using 16 different filetypes in addition to filtering by post age, newsgroup name, file size and filename extension. Both EZ Global Search and EZ Global Search Lite are really powerful amazing apps for searching and downloading from the Usenet. We highly recommend anyone with an iOS device give it a whirl :-)

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