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Newshosting and UsenetSever Step Up Header Retenion

According to recent posts by Newshosting and UsenetServer, both Usenet providers have increased their Usenet header retention to match the same level of their binary retention of 1,620+ days. According to the posts, over the next couple of weeks users of both UsenetServer and Newshosting will gain access to over 4 years of Usenet article headers for all groups. This new header retention means that users can now search and find binary files by browsing the headers in the binary groups and have access to all the files available in all newsgroups that both providers carry – this means users will finally be able to search all the available binary articles without the need for NZBs or an NZB search index. With their superior network speeds and robust feature set, both UsenetServer and Newshosting are poised to be two of the best NSPs around.

Newshosting Usenet

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