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Here in the Usenet newsreader section of Usenet Learning Center, you will find out all the information about the most popular and feature rich newsreaders available for Usenet. Below is a list of the best Usenet newsreaders you can use to access and explore the world of Usenet. Each newsreader listing contains a brief description, pricing and free trail information, a link to a full review of the newsreader and a download link to the installer. For more information about newsreaders, check out our What is a Newsreader? section.

Newsbin Pro

Newsbin Pro NewsreaderPlatform: Windows

Price: $30

Free Trial: 10 days

Newsbin Pro is the perfect newsreader companion for the elite Usenet user. Newsbin Pro offers a feature set and graphical interface designed with the ultimate Usenet user experience in mind. The Newsbin Pro newsreader user experience is designed around the ability to get the most out of searching the Usenet, through browsing individual Usenet article headers in specific newsgroups of your choosing, to random NZB files you find on the web. Newsbin Pro can download and search through everything the Usenet has to offer.
Full Review | Download Newsbin


Newsbin Pro NewsreaderPlatform: Mac OSX

Price: $29

Unison, put simply, is an all around awesome full featured newsreader application for Mac. Unison allows you to browse and read aritcles in individual Usenet newsgroups as well as download and upload files and file sets to and from the binary newsgroups. Unison is ideal if you like to post messages or share files with others on the Usenet because it makes posting and browsing super simple.
Full Review | Download Unison


Thunderbird NewsreaderPlatform: 
Windows, Mac, Linux

Price: Free

If you are old school Usenet and the text groups are your favorite playground, Thunderbird is the right newsreader for you. Thunderbird is all text newsgroups all the way, letting you post and cross post and browse messages until your heart’s content. Thunderbird is also a full featured email client as well.
Full Review | Download Thunderbird

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