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Newsbin Pro is the perfect newsreader companion for the elite Usenet user. Newsbin Pro offers a feature set and graphical interface designed with the ultimate Usenet user experience in mind. The Newsbin Pro newsreader user experience is designed around the ability to get the most out of searching the Usenet, through browsing individual Usenet article headers in specific newsgroups of your choosing, to random NZB files you find on the web. Newsbin Pro can download and search through everything the Usenet has to offer. With Newsbin Pro’s multi-server support, you can configure Usenet accounts and servers from multiple Usenet providers ensuring that your article sets and file sets are always complete. Newsbin Pro comes with free updates for life.

Platform: Windows | Price: $30 | Free Trial: 10 days | Download Newsbin

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  • Multi-core Processor Support – Newsbin Pro makes full use of multi-core CPUs, multiple processor systems, or CPUs with Hyperthreading enabled.
  • Optimal Resource Management – After many iterations of optimizations, Newsbin Pro now uses significantly less RAM than previous versions. You can now load large newsgroups with 10 million headers in about 150MB of RAM.
  • 64 Bit OS Support – Newsbin Pro has a version that is built and maintained for the 64 bit version of the Windows operating system.
  • IPv6 Support – Newsbin Pro is ready for IPv6 should Usenet providers start to support it.

Searching Usenet

  • Searchable Index (subcription service) – Use Newsbin Pro’s monthly subscription service and get access to search over 1600 days worth of usenet posts, several pricing options available for this service.
  • Usenet Hearder Search – Newsbin Pro also allows you to search locally through any Usenet newsgroup headers you have downloaded. You may use simple keyword searches as well as searches with regular expressions.


  • NZB Files – Newsbin Pro supports opening and downloading NZB files, they can be downloaded automatically using a watched folder that you setup or or you can drag and drop them into the app.
  • SSL Encryption – Newsbin Pro can connect to your Usenet servers using secure socket layer encryption if your Usenet provider supports it.
  • Built in RAR/PAR & Split File Processing – Newsbin Pro uses an AutoPAR feature to combine RAR and Master Splitter files and extract the package contents. Damaged or missing files are automatically repaired or replaced as long as enough PAR files were posted for the article set.
  • Multiple Server Support – You can configure multiple Usenet news servers for simultaneous use. This allows you to download from a free server supplied by your ISP and use a pay server to fill in whatever is missing to avoid incomplete downloads.
  • Compressed Header Support – If your news server supports XFeatures header compression, you can download headers at up to 10 times faster. All our recommended news server Usenet providers support this mode.
  • Automatic Header Updates – Newsbin Pro can be set to automatically periodically update all the Usenet headers in newsgroups you select.
  • Automatic Download Mode – Newsbin Pro automatically download files while you sleep.
  • Built In Scheduler – Newsbin Pro can schedule times for Newsbin to pause or invoke the speed limiter to control your bandwidth while you surf the web.
  • Bandwidth Management – Newsbin Pro can limit Newsbin to only use a certain amount of bandwidth. Coupled with the Scheduler feature, you can take advantage of off-peak times for downloading.
  • Usenet Decoding Methods – Newsbin Pro can decode yEnc, uuEncoded, and Mime encoded files which are posted to Usenet newsgroups.
  • Security Features – You can password protect Newsbin so it requires a password to start and optionally require a password for selected configuration options.
  • Advanced Spam Filtering – Newsbin Pro can be configured to block password protected RAR files or RAR files containing .exe files (which usually turn out to be viruses or trojans).
  • Proxy Support – Newsbin supports SOCKS 4, SOCKS 5, and HTTPS Proxies. You can configure by individual news server entry so different server configurations can go through different proxies if you want.

User Interface

  • On-the-fly Download Prioritization – Newsbin Pro can get the important stuff first because you can adjust the download queue in real time.
  • Usenet Posting – Newsbin Pro also allows you to post text message articles or binary files to the Usenet newsgroups.
  • Lock-down Feature – Newsbin Pro also allows you to password protect the app from unauthorized use.
  • MP3 Organizer – You can use MP3 ID3V2 tags to organize download folders by albums and artist.
  • Customize Look & Feel – Move sections around and apply different color schemes to identify post status.
  • Image Database and Viewer – Newsbin Pro includes an option to enable a database to store and search downloaded images. There is also a built-in image viewer.

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