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Thunderbird Newsreader


If you are old school Usenet and the text groups are your favorite playground, Thunderbird is the right newsreader for you. Thunderbird is all text newsgroups all the way, letting you post and cross post and browse messages until your heart’s content. Thunderbird is also a full featured email client as well. With sleek and simple user experience, using Thunderbird is surprisingly comfortable and is much like using your favorite email client like Apple mail or Outlook. Thunderbird is not suited for binary content downloads from the binary newsgroups, but it can be used to view images in the "pictures" groups. Simply put this is a excellent companion for being all that you can be in the text group community.

Platform: Mac OSX, Windows, Linux

Price: Free | Download Thunderbird

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Searching the Usenet

  • Quickly Search Through Large Amounts of Usenet Headers – Browse all the articles from your favorite text newsgroups and search through the headers with ease.

Finding Newsgroups

  • Built-in Directory – Use the "Directory" to search for relevant groups.
  • All Groups Listing – Get a list of all newsgroups to find and subscribe to your favorites.

Reading & Browsing Newsgroups

  • Thread View – Use the Thread View to read all messages in a thread at once.
  • Thread Lines – Thread lines make it easier to see who replied to what.
  • Tabbed Browsing – Browse multiple newsgroups at one time using tabbed browsing.
  • Posting Messages – View, post and cross post messages in HTML or plain text.