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Unison Newsreader for Mac



Unison, put simply, is an all around awesome full featured newsreader application for Mac. Unison allows you to browse and read articles in individual Usenet newsgroups as well as download and upload files and file sets from the binary newsgroups. Unison is ideal if you like to post messages or share files with others on the Usenet because it makes posting and browsing super simple. With its built-in file upload feature you can create RAR and PAR file sets for easy PAR repair and unpacking after download. Unison also features a nifty graphical based newsgroup directory broken down into categories making it easy for you to find the newsgroups your looking for. Unison is ideal for browsing headers because you can specify the number of records to download and you can even spool the entire retention of a particular binary newsgroup.

Platform: Mac OSX | Price: $29 | Download Unison

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Searching the Usenet

  • Configurable NZB Search Engines – Search for NZBs using NZB search engine sites that you setup and open NZBs from your favorite sites using Unison’s built in browser.
  • Quickly Search Through Large Amounts of Usenet Headers – Spool all the articles from your favorite newsgroups and search through the headers with ease.

Finding Newsgroups

  • Built-in Directory – Use the “Directory” to search for relevant groups.
  • All Groups Listing – Use “All Groups” to find your favorites out of all the available newsgroups.

Reading & Browsing Newsgroups

  • Thread View – Use the Thread View to read all messages at once.
  • Thread Lines – Thread lines make it easier to see who replied to what.
  • Posting Messages – View and post messages in HTML or Plain Text.

Downloading & Uploading

  • NZB Files – Use the Search Browser to find files and NZBs.
  • Auto-Unpack -Built-in UnPAR/UnRAR/Join, no external tools needed.
  • Built in File Streaming – Preview music by streaming it directly off the server.
  • Easy Upload – Upload binary files in one automated click.
  • Smart Downloading – “Smart Downloading” skips unneeded recovery sets and downloads only what is needed to complete the file set.
  • Single View – See images, music, files, and messages in one view.
  • Auto Grouping – Files are magically grouped together for downloading.