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What is a Newsreader?

A newsreader is the term used to describe a computer application that is used to plug in to, search, download and post messages and files to the Usenet. For more information on what the Usenet is, check out our what is Usenet? section. A newsreader works by connecting to a Usenet server provider with a username and password and then downloading a list of available newsgroups. Once the newsreader has the active newsgroup list, you can then select one of your favorite newsgroups and the newsreader will download all the latest messages in the group for your viewing or downloading pleasure. With the classic newsreader you can quickly and easily pick and choose files to download or simply read and respond to text messages – A full newsreader enables you the leverage all of the capabilities the Usenet has to offer in both the text and binary newsgroups.

Modern Day NZB Downloader Apps
In addition to old school newsreaders capable of reading and downloading all newsgroup articles, the Usenet community has also given birth to NZB downloader apps. NZB downloader apps are computer applications specifically designed to download the content in NZB files only, they are not typically capable of browsing, reading or posting messages newsgroup to newsgroup. NZB downloader apps are tools that are capable of queuing up multiple NZB files at one time for fast and efficient downloading of binary files from the Usenet

To get started downloading or posting to the Usenet, visit our Recommended Providers section to get a Usenet username and password and then visit our newsreaders section to find the newsreader that is right for you.

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