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Recommended Usenet Providers

Being the hardcore Usenet junkies that we are, we are quite picky and overly particular when choosing Usenet providers to recommend to our friends, fellow users and geeks. How do we decide you ask? Simple, we have neat and effecitve system of Usenet provider loves and hates that we use to rate, rank and classify Usenet providers before we recommend them. See our love hate criteria below:

Usenet Provider Loves Usenet Provider Hates
  • Low cost pricing (Fair and competative) (L)
  • Honest advertising of services offered (H)
  • Long Retention (R)
  • Free secure connections (SSL) (FS)
  • Fast connections (FC)
  • Expensive pricing (over inflated) (E)
  • Marketing hype on what services are offered (M)
  • Incompletes (I)
  • Pay per secure connection (PS)
  • Slow speeds (SP)

Premium Providers We Love

usenetserver Usenet

UsenetServer – UsenetServer is the low cost, high quality, high speed, rock solid provider of Usenet download accounts on the web period. We like UsenetServer for many reasons, cost and reliability being the strongest. UsenetServer is a very dependable company that has been around since 1999 and offers the best all around Usenet download accounts with 4+ years of downloadable files, blazing fast connection speeds and a built in Usenet search engine to boot.

 Click Here to grab an unlimited high speed UNS account for $10/month (Super Sweet!)

NNTP Retention: 

Rating: (L,H,R,FS,FC)

Easynews Usenet

Easynews– The oldest, easiest, most reliable Usenet provider around, Easynews lets you browse and surf the Usenet without having to install any software. Easynews offers a unique streamlined Usenet search interface perfect for any new Usenet user. Point and click video/image viewing and downloading is available along with traditional NNTP Usenet server access.

Web Retention: 1700+ Days
NNTP Retention: 100+ Days

Rating: (L,H,R,FS,FC)

Special: Click Here

newshosting Usenet

Newshostiing– Newshosting is a favorite of ours, they have been providing fast reliable stylish Usenet access since 1999. With a time honored reputation and expert geek level customer service Newshosting does not disappoint. We follow them regularly and they are continuously upgrading their service levels and servers to meet all our Usenet needs. Like we said we like them…

Special: Newshosting Unlimited – This is an awesome deal get an unlimited account for $9.99/month for life!

NNTP Retention: 
Rating: (L,H,R,FS,FC)

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