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Search Over 5 Years of Binary Retention Using Newshosting’s Usenet Browser

As the Usenet has been aging gracefully and storage has become quite cheap, the Usenet and the sheer volume of data uploaded by its users to the newsgroups has exploded over over the last few years, now sitting at around 11+ terabytes per day uploaded. With the total storage capacity of the big Usenet providers now dating back 5+ years, that’s a whole lot of data to sift through to find the posts you want. Although there are many sites out there that index NZB files, which point to the messages and posts available for download on the Usenet, very few of these search engines index articles dating back the full 5+ years. The ones that do, charge a fee for access. Thankfully there are other alternatives that you can use that won’t cost you any extra dough – our favorite alternative at the time of this writing, is the Newshosting Usenet Browser. The Newshosting Usenet Browser is a fully featured Usenet app that allows you to search over 5 years of available binary article retention on the Usenet. The Newshosting Usenet Browser has a searchable index of over 100,000+ newsgroups and can even sort posts by video, audio, iso and many more. Newshosting’s one click search makes it possible to comb through ridiculous amounts of data to find the posts you want. The best part of all of this, is that the Newshosting Usenet Browser is free when you access the Usenet Using Newshosting. We have found Newshosting’s search engine to be really snappy and reliable. From what we can tell the index, is updated about every 10 to 15 minutes, which is awesome when compared with most Newznab search engines out there today. To start using Newshosting’s search today, check out the links below – We are able to offer you special affiliate pricing that can save you over 33% on the Unlimited plan over the regular price. Plus, when you signup with us, it helps cover our hosting costs and we keep get to doing what we do which is make cool Usenet content for you :-) Just click the link below to signup –

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