Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Usenet and More..

Search Usenet

search-usenetThe Usenet is the largest store of online discussion groups and user created content on the whole of the internet. If you are new to the Usenet, check out our about Usenet section to get you started and get you up to speed. Although text based discussion groups called newsgroups don’t take up much space on the web, the binary newsgroups that store all of the user-generated content such as audio, pictures, documents, videos and ISO files, is a totally different story. Today all the big popular Usenet access providers offer you access to over 5 years of content consisting of billions of gigs of data. Trying to find something specific in the sea of data on the Usenet can be like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Thankfully there are a couple of different techniques and many different tools online that we can use to search the Usenet. Here we are going to show you how to search the Usenet newsgroups for content using article headers, NZB files and NZB search engines. Before we move forward and dig into Usenet search, we highly recommend that you explore our about Usenet section so that will be familiar with how things are stored on the Usenet – a basic understanding of the structure of the Usenet as well as familiarity with Usenet terms will start you well on your way to being able navigate your way around the Usenet and find what you are looking for with ease.

Searching the Usenet using Headers

(The original Usenet Search)
Searching for content and discussion topics using Usenet headers is the oldest and original method of searching through articles and content on the usenet. Usenet headers include information that is specific to each post or post set stored in text and binary newsgroups on the Usenet. Usenet headers allow you to search using many criteria including the subject or title of the post(s), the date it was posted or even the name of the poster to name a few. To find out and explore what other information can be found using Usenet headers, read our Usenet headers section. Searching the Usenet headers of articles and posts in the binary and text newsgroups can be very easy when you use the right tool. To browse Usenet headers you need to install and run an application known as a newsreader.

The Good

Searching Usenet headers allows you search through every single post or post set in a particular newsgroup(s). The ability search through every single post in a newsgroup(s) ensures that won’t miss any post by any user in the Usenet newsgroups. Searching Usenet headers gives you access to all binary content and user discussions on the Usenet. A bigger search pool increases the likelihood that you will find something that interests you.

The Bad

Before you can search Usenet headers in a newsgroup(s), you have to download all the header information for each and every single post and post set in that newsgroup(s). To be able to search the most popular binary newsgroups you have to download header information for posts dating back 5 years plus, in the largest groups this can be 10’s of gigs of headers you have to download before you can search. Not only do you have wait for all the headers to download, but you also have to have the free space to store the Usenet headers – Thankfully you only have to download all the Usenet headers in a newsgroup(s) one time because once you have them all you only have to download small daily updates for each of the newsgroup(s) you would like to search.