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What is an NZB File?

An NZB file is a file format originally created by the guys over at newzbin.com An NZB file is simply a file that points to specific message or article IDs that act like a table contents for your newsreader or NZB client. This table of contents tells your NZB client or newsreader exactly where to find specific binary content you are looking for on the Usenet. For the geeks out there, an NZB file is actually an XML file format that contains the full message ID list for the binary content you are trying to download.

If you remember how binary files are stored on the Usenet, from our How The Usenet Works (Binaries section), each binary file is broken up into smaller compressed files (usually RAR format) along with PAR parity files to allow you to repair any missing parts after download. Theses smaller parts are spread across many Usenet messages or articles to make it possible to store the entire file on the Usenet. Because an NZB file points to all the parts that make up the file you wish to download, using NZBs to download files becomes the fastest and best way to download binary content from the Usenet.

To begin downloading binary content with NZBs right away, grab a Usenet account from our list of Recommended Usenet Providers, install an NZB client (List below), and begin searching for binary files using any of the most popular NZB sites (List to the left).

NZB Ready Clients and Newsreaders

Newshosting Usenet Browser – Newshosting’s Usenet Browser is a power house of features perfect for the new or avid Usenet user. You can browse and search through the binary newsgroups and post messages in the text groups until your heart’s content. You will find the Usenet to be a really fun experience with this app.
Purchase Price: Free with all Newshosting Usenet accounts.

Newsbin Pro – Newsbin Pro is for the elite Usenet user capable of dowloading NZBs, browsing text articles and posting user generated content to the Usenet. Newsbin Pro is not free, but does come with a free trial.
Purchase price: $35

Grabit – Grabit is a light weight, easy to install NZB downloader for PC only. Grabit supports bach downlaoding to grab multiple NZBs at once and also browsing and reading text articles.
Purchase price: Free

NZB-O-Matic – NZB-O-Matic is perfect for the nzb downloader on the go, PC only. NZB-O-Matic is a multi-threaded nzb downloader capable of downloading from many different Usenet servers at once.
Purchase price: Free

Unison – Unison is best all inclusive newsreader for Mac on the planet. With Unison you can read text articles,post articles,download binaries with nzbs and downloading binary content by browsing article headers. Unison does come with a free trial so you can see if you like the app.
Purchase price: $29