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Web Based Usenet Provider Easynews Boosts Retention

Just announced today, the one and only, truly web based Usenet provider Easynews, increases the web retention of their proprietary Global Search interface from 200 to 400 days. This marks the first time ever retention increase in Easynews’ web based Global Search and it is sure to be a welcomed new feature that diehard Easynews fans have been looking forward to for a long time.

What is Easynews Usenet Global Search?

Easynews Global search is a sleek, powerful and sophisticated web based user interface that allows Easynews members to search binary Usenet newsgroups for user-generated files based on keyword combinations and all sorts of other very robust filtering criteria. Easynews is also the first of its kind to scan file types and display detailed thumbnails when available, this makes sifting through large amounts of video files much easier. Along with all the optional search filters, you can also use UI settings to control the look and feel of how your Usenet search results are displayed.

Easynews Usenet Web Global Search

Who Needs Easynews?

This is a no-brainer – short answer, everyone. Easynews easy to use web based user interface makes it the best way to search and find things on the Usenet, making it great for new Usenet users. That same simplicity is also ideal for the lazy Usenet user, someone who knows all the ins and outs of Usenet, but is just looking to grab something quick without having to dive into a mountain of headers.

Get Easynews

If you are ready to dive in and take the plunge, sign up for an Easynews account today. The power of Easynews’ web based Global Search can not and will not be denied :-)

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