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What’s Next For Usenet Search

If you’re not a Usenet user or you been living under a rock, you might have missed the latest news in Usenet search. Two of the most popular and prominent NZB search engines, Newzbin2 and NZBMatrix have recently closed their doors and shutdown. The closing of Newzbin2 and NZBMatrix has had a big impact on individual Usenet users and the Usenet community as a whole, as the search for new alternatives begins. Feeling the pressures from the entertainment industries, both sites had to shutdown because their payment providers cut them off and they could no longer collect member fees, or they received a DMCA request so large that they could not reasonably comply and stay open. Many users had become very comfortable using these two sites to automate their downloads with web apps SickBeard and CouchPotato, however, the good old days and good times are now over – or are they?

Create Your Own NZB Index with Newznab

Feeling sting and squeeze of not being able to get their user-generated content when and where they want it, Usenet users are taking matters into their own hands and creating their own NZB indexes for personal use. That’s right you heard it here, Usenet users are setting up their very own NZB index sites and using them from home. The software that makes a home NZB index possible is called Newznab. Newznab is a very powerful NZB indexing platform. Newznab builds and index of searchable NZBs matched up to the content and posts pulled from individual newsgroup article headers downloaded from your Usenet provider – Usenet header retention becomes an important service feature if you want a searchable NZB index with long retention. A couple of things you need to know before you take the plunge with Newznab, setup is a bit involved and you will need your own linux server running PHP/MySQL to get Newznab up and running. You will also need to get the pro version of Newznab if you want to be able to index more than one newsgroup at a time – the full version also comes with the latest regex from the community to ensure that Newznab picks up as many results as possible from your Usenet provider. The full version of Newznab will set you back a mere $16 USD.

If setting up Newznab is to much for you to take on, get with a few friends and do it together, or search for others who have already done it. One thing is for sure, people want what they want when they want it so it’s a sure thing NZB search is here to stay :-)

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